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My Approach

I favour an integrative approach, which means that I adapt my approach based on your needs and goals. My work is strongly influenced by cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT is a present and solution-focused approach that aims to reduce symptoms. We work together to explore the link between your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviours. I will help you identify unhelpful thought patterns and see how these negatively influence your feelings and your functioning. We will work together to develop alternative ways of thinking and behaving, with the aim of reducing your psychological distress.

As well, I integrate an intersubjective/humanist approach. Here, I focus on understanding and validating the influence that your subjective experiences have on your current functioning in an empathic and nonjudgmental environment. We work together, you as the expert of your own experience to which I bring my knowledge, to help you resolve the issues you are facing.

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